Who are The Adaptables?

No other resource offers the array of services and cross disability  expertise that we provide. Our goals are simply to encourage people to make good choices and exercise control over their own lives, to expand access to information and   resources, to increase their independence, and to improve the   quality of their lives.

The Adaptables Staff works to alleviate barriers that keep people with disabilities  from full participation in their community.

Working with both community partners and service providers, we provide awareness and education by promoting consumer choices.

Staff provides Technical Assistance regarding compliance with the ADA building specifications on new construction or existing structures being  remodeled or rehabilitated, including  accessible parking requirements, ramp  elevations and entrance/exit widths, etc.

Information on Community resources, housing, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, Social Security,  employment services, legislation, recreation and other disability related information is available. Referrals are made to the appropriate community/provider agencies, equipment providers and financial resources.

IL Skills Training is the development of daily living skills of people with disabilities. Consumers may want to develop or improve on any task that keeps them living  independently and in their community.