The Schools Program

The Adaptables offers two great in-classroom programs to create awareness and meet NC statutory requirements for including disability in the curriculum.

Different but Alike   (2nd grade level)

People with disabilities face many barriers every day from physical obstacles to systemic barriers in employment and other programs. Some of the most difficult barriers to overcome are attitudes other people carry regarding people with disabilities. This program is designed for regular education classes in the Elementary school setting to provide awareness, increase knowledge and provide opportunities to adopt positive attitudes about people with disabilities before attitudinal barriers develop and reduce bullying.

The program was very positive and I really appreciate The Adaptables offering such a positive and meaningful opportunity to our students. Thank you for your time and commitment to educating young people to be kind and accepting of one another!”

Rebecca J. Carter, Principal, Kernersville Elementary School, Forsyth County

“Thank you so much for bringing this program to our second graders;  I know they learned a lot from the presenters.  This program compliments our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support initiative we’ve been implementing this year.”

Sandra Everhart, Principal, Friedberg Elementary School, Davidson County

“We really enjoyed this program at our school this year. It brought awareness to our students concerning various disabilities. They really enjoyed listening to the different presentations. It helped our students realize that WE are all special in our own way. I highly recommend this program at any school.” Wendy Brewington, Principal, Ward Elementary School, Forsyth County

YES Program (high school level)

Provides training to high school students with disabilities through peer-to-peer teaching and hands-on activities that teach and motivate students to live full and independent lives, making their transition from high school to the “real world” easier. Some of the skills gained through the program are:  Self Advocacy Skills, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Independent Living Skills, and Transition Readiness.